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Argan Oil

What is Argan Oil? Argan oil is pressed from the nut of the fruit of the Argan Tree, which is only found in Morocco. The argan tree lives to be about 150 to 200 years old and does not start producing the fruit until it is 30 to 50 years old. Because the tree is […]

Shadow Shields

Shadow Shields Eliminate eye shadow fallout with this hands-free, disposable, time-saving secret weapon! Apply these half moon shaped gems under the eye before applying eye makeup to catch any and all excess product that falls! When done, gently remove shield and say Hello… To Flawless Eye Makeup! Benefits Protects under eye area from eye shadow […]

Mineral Pigment Powders Use No:1-4

Glamouriche Colour Pigments Use No1: Eye Shadow — 3 different ways. Simply use an applicator, brush, or your finger and lightly touch the desired colour. Apply to your eyelid. For a day look apply a little, for night apply a bit more. For a more dramatic intense look use a damp applicator, dipped gently in […]

Mineral Pigment Powders Use No:5-8

Glamouriche Colour Pigments Use No:5 Lip Colour — First apply Vaseline or a favourite colour lipstick to your lips. Then dip the lip brush into the desired colour and apply to the lips. For an original colour pigment lipstick use Vaseline and for a tone effect lip colour use pigment colour over any lipstick. Glamouriche […]

Mineral Pigment Powders Use No:9-10

Glamouriche Colour Pigments Use No:9 Body Shimmer –Using a powder brush, dip into the desired colour and spread a light coating of powder over any part of the body. Glamouriche Colour Pigments Use No:10 Hair Streak –Using any hair gel, mix with the desired colour and apply on streaks of the hair.

Winter Protection

The dry winter season is slowly creeping in. Shorter days and colder temperatures needn’t send you into beauty hibernation. A combination of the temperature change, dry air, and exposure to wind will sap your skin of moisture, leaving you with parched, itchy or sensitive spots on your face. What can you do? Keep your skin […]

Importance of Moisturiser

Use a moisturiser that suits the skin type and offers day-long hydration. This will plump up the skin, providing a smooth, even surface for makeup application. Makeup is easier to apply on a moisturised skin. Moisturiser provides a soothing and protective film on the outer layer of the skin. This helps the skin to remain […]

Tip of the Day

Beautiful skin is something most people crave. While it may sometimes seem impossible, there are everyday steps you can take to achieve that look. Knowing how to prepare skin before makeup is one of the best things you can do to first repair the skin and then let it shine. Cleanse, tone then moisturise before […]