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  • Wax Pot Heater and wax products
    Wax Pot Heater and wax products

Glamouriche stocks a wide range of depilatory waxing equipment and waxing products like wax pots, wax heaters, wax warmers, wax cartridge heaters, paraffin wax heaters, and wax kits.

A range of beauty hot waxes, roll-on depilatory wax cartridges, cold/tin waxes, strip wax, waxing paper, wax rolls and paraffin wax treatment products.

Waxing kits and Wax products for Salon or Home Waxing Treatments. We are a waxing supplier of many different types of hair removal wax kits and waxing products.

We pride ourselves in providing and maintaining a high standard of Customer Service.

The products we offer are affordable and of good quality at competitive prices.