Wax Cleaner


Wax Cleaner


Citric scented aromatic wax cleaner essential for removing wax from warmers, trolleys, floor, counter tops and equipment.

Wax cleaner removes and cleans wax spillages.Cleans wax roller cartridge heads.

Keeps your wax machine and roller wax cartridges clean always with the wax cleaner. A must have for owners of  hair removal wax machines or any type of waxing equipment


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Wax Cleaner 100g

Directions for cleaning wax cartridges:

When the wax cartridge is fully heated, Spray wax cleaner on an old cloth and wipe the head until the entire rolling head is clean and rolling smoothly. Then test by rolling on a piece on depilatory paper.)

Please note- New cartridge heads could also have wax stuck under the rolling head when first used due to transportation and change in temperature. If you experience the cartridge not rolling properly or sticky please clean the rolling head as mentioned above.

The wax cleaner is important for any wax treatment process. Keeps your wax machines, surfaces and roller wax cartridges clean. A must have for owners of hair removal wax machines or any type of waxing equipment.



  1. Humairaa270

    A must have if u have any wax heater. Keeps my machine and products clean. I’m so glad I purchased this product.

  2. Munira

    This is amazing. Definitely worth purchasing! A must have!

  3. Annemarie (verified owner)

    This is a must have. It cleans your equipment like a dream.

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