Post Wax Treatment Spray


Post wax treatment spray


A superior blend of oils and moisturizing agents provides the perfect conclusion to a professional waxing treatment.

It allows eliminating any residues of wax after the depilation. The post wax treatment spray gives refreshing properties and soothes any possible post-depilation irritation.

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Post Wax Treatment Spray

Post wax treatment spray 60ml with lavender oil for Post depilation.


Spray in the hands and apply to the waxed area at the end of a waxing treatment.

Use after completed waxing hair removal treatment.

Apply the product liberally, gently massaging onto the treated area for soothing, relaxing effect.

Formulated to cool and moisturise the skin.

The superior blend of oil and moisturising agents provides the perfect conclusion to a waxing treatment.

The product has added benefit of antiseptic qualities.

Reduces the chance of inflammation that can occur after waxing.

Application of the product is an important step.



  1. tanya (verified owner)

    Excellent service received!
    The post-wax works really well, moisturizes the waxed area, no redness or irritation from the post wax,
    Will recommend this product

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