Paraffin Wax


Paraffin wax 450g

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–  Moisturises, softens skin and promotes cell regeneration
– The thermal effect promotes blood circulation, makes your skin smooth and glossy
– Removes dry and dead skin cells
– Cleans skin pores
– Improves fine lines
– Suitable for both professional and home use
– Used in paraffin manicure and paraffin pedicure for skin conditioning heat therapy paraffin wax treatment

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Paraffin Wax

This product Is used in beauty paraffin manicure and paraffin pedicure treatments for skin conditioning heat therapy paraffin wax treatments

Directions for use

Place the paraffin wax heater machine on a flat and stable surface before use.  Place the wax into the tank of the wax heater machine.  Ensure that the wax is totally heated, melted and appears as a soft liquid.

Remove any Jewellery or other items from the body parts to be treated, then wash and dry the skin. Apply a liquid sanitizer to the body part and allow the sanitizer to dry completely. Apply a lanolin-based lotion to make the removal of the hardened wax easier.

Touch the edge of your palm to the melted wax to test that the temperature of the wax is comfortable for use.

Immerse your hand, elbow or foot slowly into the paraffin wax. Remove the body part and wait for several seconds to allow the wax to cool and harden. You can Repeat this step for about 3 -4 times to build several layers of wax.

Cover your hand or foot with a plastic liner and then with hand mittens  or booties. Allow the wax to remain in place for 10 to 15 minutes.

Remove the mittens or booties , then take off the plastic liner and peel the wax from around the treated body part. Dispose of both the plastic liner and the used wax .

Enjoy the soft and supple skin after the treatment is complete.

Note- All heating units and machines work and heat differently therefore you would need to melt the wax and cool the wax according to your heat settings and always make sure to test the wax temperature before use. Paraffin wax does take time to melt and also depends on how much wax is being used.

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