Cold/Strip Wax Tin 400g


Cold/Strip Wax 400g tins

Wax Tins need to be heated in a wax heater unit. Using a spatula, spread a thin layer of wax onto the area to be treated in the direction of the hair growth. Press waxing strip paper onto the waxed area. Pull off the paper waxing strip with a firm action against the direction of the hair growth.

This type of waxing hair removal uses a spatula for application and waxing paper strips for hair removal.

For best results make sure the hair length is a good size before waxing

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Cold/Strip Wax Tin 400g

Instruction for use:

1. Before using the Cold/Strip Wax Tin 400g make sure the skin is absolutely Clean using a pre wax treatment.
2. Insert the wax tin into a wax warmer/heater machine and heat the wax
3. Test the wax by applying some wax using a spatula on a small area.Make sure that the temperature is suitable for the wax treatment, if the wax is too hot, wait for a little while then begin the treatment.
6. Apply the wax using a waxing spatula in the direction that the hair grows.
7. Use the wax paper strip on the treatment area, use your hand to press down the hair grows.
8. Pull off the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
9. After hair removal, use an after or post wax treatment.
10. Clean your wax machine using a wax cleaner.

Store all Waxing products in a cool dry place in an upright position.

Some Cartridges are thin in texture, some are creamy in texture. The cartridges that are more sticky in texture will require you to use more depilatory paper when the paper becomes difficult or too sticky to work with.

Use some Vaseline or baby oil on the fingers and palm should they become sticky while waxing to allow a smooth application and removal of the depilatory paper.

Important information:

Waxing can cause irritation to the skin which can result in redness, minor skin rashes and bumps for those who have sensitive skin or skin allergies. Irritation to the skin can also occur due to sensitivity to a particular wax type. The wax varies in the ingredients depending on the flavour of wax.

Sensitivity differs from person to person depending on the area of the body. Always do a patch test on the areas to be waxed to make sure the cartridge is suitable for your skin in those areas.Wait for 24hr, if no irritation occurs continue use. If irritation occurs discontinue .

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Honey, Azulene, Strawberry, Aloe Vera, Olive, Tea Tree, Lavender, Pink, Creme, Black, Any Flavour


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