Bake It Babe Translucent Setting Powder 60g


The Bake It Babe Translucent Setting Powder is a gorgeous velvety powder designed to mattify and set your make-up for all day flawlessness. It provides a soft focus effect, reduces the effects of pores and allows make-up to last longer without the dreaded ‘flashback’. Suitable for all skin tones.

The Bake It Babe Setting Powder is soft and easily spreadable. It can be used to set make-up or bake concealer. Say NO to small powder containers and YES to our XXL 60g container. Comes with a “bake it bowl'” which can be used to pour the powder into for easy application. Suitable for all skin types and tones.

How to apply: To Set Make-Up: Apply after foundation and concealer and before blush, highlighter, eyes and lips. Decant some powder into the ‘bake it bowl’. Use our Super Soft Powder Brush to gently sweep an even layer over make-up. Make sure to dust off any excess.
To Bake Concealer: Decant some powder into the ‘bake it bowl’. Use a beauty blender or Powder Brush to add a generous layer of powder over concealer. Allow to bake for 1-2 minutes. Dust off any excess.

For a gentle, dewy effect that lasts all day, after powder application spray on one of our Setting Sprays. This will provide a natural glow, without any oily shine.

What’s inside
The Bake It Babe Translucent Powder is a talc-free formula. It does not contain silica which is the main ingredient which causes flashback. A blend of minerals and pigments allow for a gorgeous soft focus effect while corn starch absorbs excess oil, mattifies and provides a gentle sweepable feel. Hyaluronic Acid prevents the skin from drying out.

Important Ingredients
Corn Starch – Absorbs excess oil, mattifies and allows for easy, spreadable application.
Minerals and Pigments – Reflect natural light and provide a soft focus, poreless effect.
Hyaluronic Acid – Prevents skin from drying out.

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Bake It Babe Translucent Setting Powder – 60g



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