Waxing Roller Heater Kit 1


Waxing Roller Heater Kit1

This form of strip waxing is suitable and advised for areas like arms, legs, back, tummy and larger area waxing.


  1. Single roller unit (Box packing may vary)
  2. 2 x 100g cartridges (flavours may vary)
  3. 60ml Pre wax spray
  4. 60ml Post wax spray
  5. 100 pre cut strips
  6. Wax cleaner 100 ml

Please Note Tips-

1. Heating time of wax cartridges may vary from 30min upwards depending on the quantity of wax in the cartridge and may need to be left to heat a little longer.A full cartridge could take from 30min-60min depending. Make sure to close the lid of the hand held machine when heating the Wax Cartridge.

2. If the wax is not heated well, you may find the cartridge not rolling properly or sticking. The wax will need to be adequately heated before use.

3. The cartridge may not roll freely or roll sticky if the head is dirty or there is wax residue on the rolling head. The rolling head will need to be cleaned with a wax cleaner.

(USE THE WAX CLEANER- When the cartridge is fully heated, Spray wax cleaner on an old cloth and wipe the head until the entire rolling head is clean and rolling smoothly. Then test by rolling on a piece on depilatory paper.)

Please note- New cartridge heads could also have wax stuck under the rolling head when first used due to transportation and change in temperature. If you experience the above please clean the rolling head as mentioned above.

3. Keep your wax heater machine, wax roller cartridges and cartridge heads clean using a wax cleaner to ensure effective usage for longer.

4. Store in an upright position.

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Waxing Roller Heater Kit 1

Waxing Roller Heater Kit 1 –Important information: Waxing can cause irritation to  the skin which can result in redness, minor skin rashes and bumps for those who have sensitive skin or skin allergies.Irritation to the skin can also occur due to sensitivity to a particular cartridge type.The wax cartridge varies in the ingredients depending on the flavour of wax.

Sensitivity differs from person to person depending on the area of the body. Always do a patch test on the areas to be waxed to make sure the cartridge is suitable for your skin in those areas.Wait for 24hr, if no irritation occurs continue use. If irritation occurs discontinue .

Waxing Roller Heater Kit 1 – Operation

1. Before use, make sure the skin is absolutely Clean using a Pre Wax Treatment Spray
2. Insert the Depilatory Wax Cartridges into the wax machine. Make sure to close the lid of the hand held machine when heating the Cartridge.
3. Plug the cord into wax machine then connect the main power and turn on the power.
4. Heat the wax for 30min upwards depending on the amount of product in the cartridge, when ready then begin to use.
5. Always Test the wax by rolling the wax on a piece of depilatory paper before beginning and then test on a small area to make sure you have no skin reactions to the cartridge product. Make sure that the temperature is suitable for the wax treatment, if the wax is too hot, wait for a little while then begin the treatment. Make sure the skin is taut when applying and removing the depilatory paper to avoid bruising.

(Bruising of the skin can occur should the wax not be melted well enough hence not able to be removed properly and when the skin is not kept taut when removing the wax. Burns of the skin can occur should the wax be too hot.Test before use on a small area)

6. Roll the wax in the direction that the hair grows.
7. Use the Wax Strip Paper Pre Cut 100 on the treatment area, use your hand to press down the hair growth.
8. Make sure the skin is taut then Pull off the strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
9. After hair removal, use a Post Wax Treatment Spray
10. Clean your wax heater and wax roller cartridge head using the Wax Cleaner


The waxing roller heater handheld machine is a standard size machine. It is manufactured to cater for most types of brands of wax cartridges.
Some cartridges might fit well and snug in the machine, while some cartridges might be abit loose in the machine.Wax cartridges differ in size and dimensions and sometimes differ from batches.

If the cartridge is abit loose or sliding out while rolling, hold the end of the machine with the thumb on one side, index and middle finger on the other side. And hold the cartridge head with the ring and baby finger. Holding the machine and cartridge in the way will allow you to roll properly, gliding easily close to the skin.


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