Wax Strip Paper Pre Cut 100


Wax Strip Paper Pre Cut 100

Wax strip paper pre cut 100 are Strong, high-quality , ensuring a precise and clean waxing service. This depilatory wax paper works with any type of depilatory wax heater or waxing warmer system. Use for facial wax or body waxing. Used for hair removal together with waxing products like wax cartridges or cold/strip tin wax.

20cm x 7cm approx

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Wax Strip Paper Pre Cut 100

These Wax Strip Paper Pre Cut 100 used for hair removal with depilatory waxes like Depilatory Wax Cartridges or Premium Depilatory Wax Cartridges or Cold/Strip Wax Tin 400g or Cold/Strip Wax Tin 800g or Water Soluble Wax Cartridges Sugaring
They are High quality fibre strip paper.

Wax strips used for Face and Body Hair Removal
Economical and easy to use

Suitable for all kinds of skin types

Use the size for arms, legs and large body areas. Cut the wax paper to smaller sizes and use on smaller areas.

How to use the wax paper:

This item is the accessory of the waxing treatment.
After applying the wax on the skin, use the depilatory waxing paper, use your hand to press down the wax and hair growth.
Make sure the skin is taut then Pull off the wax strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth.
Remove from the bottom of strip ensuring the skin is taut.


For a successful and good waxing experience use the Pre Wax Lotion or Pre Wax Treatment Spray on clean skin before starting the waxing treatment

And use a Post Wax Lotion or Post Wax Treatment Spray after the waxing treatment to soothe and calm the skin.


Apply one pre cut strip paper on area the wax is applied ensuring  it is firmly pressed to skin.

Package Content: 100pc Depilatory Papers


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