Aroma Diffuser 7 LED Colour 400ml Wood Look


This aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to instantly vaporize water and essential oil (Only 100% natural essential oils) in the tank, to produce a cool, dry fragrant mist.

Creating a wonderfully soothing atmosphere with soft changing colours and a calming stream of mist, which will not disturb your rest.This lovely diffuser fills the space with a lovely fragrance, that can lift the mood and relieve stress from a stressful and tired day, perfect for masking stubborn smoking smells and pet odours, get great and peaceful nights. sleep surrounded by the aromatic fragrance.

The Upper lid is easy to remove due to its simple design. Adding a few drops of aroma oil into it will fill your space with a fresh and lovely fragrance. With its adopted ultrasonic technology, this aroma diffuser will not disturb your study, work, relaxation time or sleep.

This diffuser has a  modern design. A natural, sleek and classic design that suits with any decor with its beautiful printed wood look design. It is compact and portable and can therefore be used anywhere.

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Aroma Diffuser 7 LED Colour 400ml Wood Look

Aroma Diffuser 7 LED Colour 400ml Wood Look Available in Light Wood Look and Dark Wood Look

Product Size: 145 x 165mm

Water Tank: 400ml

Lights: 7 colour changing lights

You can add essential oils


  • A unique design: It is not only a diffuser but also makes a beautiful ornament due to its lovely design
  • It is portable and can be utilised in the office or at home.
  • This is a perfect gift idea for family and friends, can benefit from aromatherapy healing
  • The diffuser dispenses aroma fragrances when used with aroma oils, fills the space with a calm mist and beautiful fragrance
  • 4 timer settings and waterless auto shut-off: 4 time setting modes: 1Hr, 3Hr, 6Hr and steady on.
  •  Diffuser automatically powers off when water level is too low.
  • 2 choices of cold mist: Intermittent mist or continuous mist.
  • 7 soothing LED light colours: The colours can be cycled through or set to one fixed colour.
  • LED colours: Blue, red, pink, green, yellow, white and purple

Large capacity and great mist output:

This diffuser can hold up to 400 ml of water. It also automatically turns off when water level is low to ensure safety.

Instant relaxation:

Simply take off the easy-to-remove cap, add water with essential oil if you desire and de-stress . This essential oil diffuser can also be used as an very light air humidifier.


Be sure to use a mild detergent if you want to clean the humidifier

Don’t fill water over the Max line at  any time.

Don’t switch on power when the tank is empty.

Clean regularly as per Maintenance instruction to avoid malfunction.

Maintenance instruction:

Add a small amount of warm kitchen detergent remover.

Clean with water.

use swab to wipe gently, and then use cleaning cloth to dry it lightly

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Light Wood Look, Dark Wood Look


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