Mineral Pigment Powders Use No:1-4

Glamouriche Colour Pigments Use No1: Eye Shadow — 3 different ways. Simply use an applicator, brush, or your finger and lightly touch the desired colour. Apply to your eyelid. For a day look apply a little, for night apply a bit more. For a more dramatic intense look use a damp applicator, dipped gently in the pigment then apply to the eyelid

Glamouriche Colour Pigments Use No: 2 Eyeliner –Use a thin eyeliner brush, dip it in water and lightly touch it to the desired colour. Apply it in a thin line on top of the eye or on the bottom.

Glamouriche Colour Pigments Use No:3 Mascara — Use a clear mascara, place a small amount of your desired colour pigment in the palm of your hand. Take the mascara wand and roll it in the colour pigment, then apply the mascara to the lashes.

Glamouriche Colour Pigments Use No: 4 Blush — Use a Blusher brush and lightly touch the tip into the desired colour and apply along the cheekbone